Drawing lines/polygons in Map App

Don’t see a lines/polygons feature in Map App (I’ve asked support to verify) to group sites by geography. Anybody built or integrated a 3rd party app to do that?

You may want to look through @Bill.French’s posts — he’s done some pretty impressive things with mapping.

Yeah, pretty sure the map app only supports points. I think you’re wondering if something like this is possible.

Thanks for posting Bill and Scott.
I misled you slightly by not telling you that I need to draw the polygons at run time as I’m looking at the displayed markers. I receive the sites as a list of lat-longs that I import so I might have 100 markers but I don’t know until I view the map app that 30 are on one side of the river or mountain range and 70 on the other side. Based on the geography, I’ll group them inside multiple polygons and then allocate all the groups across a dozen or more installation teams. Any 3rd party apps that can be integrated or is a mapping tool my only option?


You either need to (a) build an integrated custom app (like I demonstrated) or (b) you need to use an external poly-drawing tool to create and ploy-lines and geo-features.

In the case of (a) the map could support a drawing feature that stores the polygons into Airtable and would also be able to display them.

In the case of (b), the Airtable map app would still not be able to render the polys; you’d have to do all your mapping somewhere besides Airtable.

A hybrid approach goes something like this:

  • Create a simple custom app to render points and polys.
  • Use a drawing tool to create the polys and import them into Airtable.
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Got it, thanks for the help! I’d much rather work inside Airtable so I’ll jump down the developer rabbit hole and see how far I get. Thanks again.

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