Drill-down from a master table to its sub-tasks


Hi there I am just getting started with air table and am stuck on something. Say I have a table which is categories of tasks, and then I want within each category to have actual tasks. Is there a way that I can click on something in the higher level table (a category) and then go to the lower level table, but only see the tasks associated with that category, without having to filter the tasks by the category field? - i.e. it would auto-filter the task table based on what I had clicked on?

I know it will seem like, in this situation, it isn’t that hard to just then filter, but this is just an example of how I want to use it - I want to be able to drill-down into data which is all nested.



If you have a ‘Task Category’ table (for example) and a separate ‘Tasks’ table, you can link your Tasks to each applicable Task Category. Then if you click a given Task Category record, the linked Tasks will show in the expanded record view.

Alternatively, you could Group your Tasks table by Task Category, which would show all tasks nested under each Task Category which you could then expand/collapse as desired. You could then create more specified views as needed as well.

Not sure if these address what you are looking for, but if all your Tasks are in one place, there is no way to only see certain tasks without setting up Filters or Views to do the leg work (since the data is all there).



Thanks - that’s the info I need

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