Drive Time Calculation

Hey everyone!

I am building out a work estimation base and am trying to see if something is possible.

I have addresses for locations of jobs and would like to automatically calculate drive times to those jobs. Is there any way to do this, either through an existing Airtable feature, or some integration?


I do know that this can be done in Google Sheets. A site like this gives you info:

Zapier can get it in AirTable for you.

A while back I put together an Airtable/Zapier/Google integration that extracted the distance between two addresses from Google Maps and popped it into Airtable. (As I recall, it took about a half-hour to slap together — and that included the time it took to figure out which Maps API I needed to use and to figure out how to get Zapier to talk to Maps.) The Zap configuration I gave in my reply should work fine for you, but instead of getting the distance value from Google, get the duration one instead.

This functionality requires a three-stage Zap and, thus, a paid Zapier account. However, when you register a new, free-level Zapier account, you’ll receive a two-week trial of the service’s premium features — more than enough to cover development, testing, and evaluation.