Drop down options for a cell based on selection of another cell's drop down option?

I am trying to track work done in a software program that has different Workspaces and within each Workspace there are Apps, that are different depending on the Workspace.

I’d like to create a column with a drop down where you can pick the Workspace from a list . Then once the Workspace is choosen, in the next column, I’d like a drop down of options for the Apps related to that Workspace.

I can figure out the Workspaces drop down but not then how to create different drop down options based on which Workspace was chosen.

Is this possible?? Can I set up a different table of Workspaces and their Apps and link them somehow?

Unfortunately, this is not a built-in feature of Airtable. This is called a “dynamic value list” in apps like FileMaker, and I think people in the Airtable community call this a “conditional value list”. I would highly recommend emailing support@airtable.com and ask them to please build this feature into the product.

In the meantime, there is a pretty intense workaround that you can try to implement, but it does come with its own set of limitations (for example, only one user can be doing data entry at a time in the fields that are involved with this):

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