Dropdown option in form field


I’m creating some forms and would like to be able to have the ‘Client’ field as a drop down so that the client name can be selected instead of typed in to avoid any errors. Is it possible to do that?


How many Clients do you want to have in the list?

If it’s only a few and they are relatively static, add them to a “Single Select” field and show the “Single Select” field in the form. Then the user must choose one of the options from the “Single Select” field.

If there are many, and you frequently add new ones, make a new table for all your Clients. Then in whatever table you have your form in, create a “Linked Records” field that links to “Clients”, and show that “Linked Records” field in your form. Your users will see a searchable list of all the entries in your Clients table (they won’t be able to see any other data in that table, only the “Name”, or whatever else you title the Primary Field).


Got it, thanks!

It’ll be a number of clients, but also I’d be looking to add a few lookup fields so I basically need to plan this properly :slight_smile: