Dual rollups into same field

Is it possible to use rollup to pull the sum of values from two different fields (both in the same view) into a single field in a second view?

I’m designing a teambuilding exercise app. It tracks exercise efforts from various teams, based on A) non-walking activities and B) Walking.

In the main view, one field uses various formulae to convert different types of exercise into their “step count” equivalent. For example, 30 minutes of playing basketball is worth 5000 steps (not really). The second field only requires a number input by the participant, based on a pedometer reading. In the end, both fields need to be summed together to show total steps taken by each participant. The expectation is that participants will record steps (from walking) and step equivalents (from non-walking activities).

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the community, @Master_Blaster! :smiley: Before answering, I need to make sure we’re both using the same terminology. You referred many times to various views. In Airtable, views are individual configurable arrangements of records in a table. However, it almost sounds like you’re talking about tables, which are the tabs across the top of the interface. Could you please clarify which it is you’re speaking about?

The reason this is important is because rollups work across tables, not across views. If you have certain fields that are visible in one view of a specific table, but they’re hidden another view, then you don’t need to use a rollup for that because the fields are still in the same table, so you can use a formula field to collect and process their values. If, however, you are linking records between tables, then a rollup would come into play because formulas don’t operate across tables.

Thank you Justin. I actually just figured this out, and it’s so simple, it’s ridiculous. And I think it’s related to a comment in your second paragraph. I was able to simply sum the values from both fields in the table into a new field, and then push those into a different table. But yes, in response to your question, I was talking about tables. Thanks!!

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