Dublicating Data from table to another with link

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to dublicate data from a table to another one (with more fields)
For example a table called STUDENTS (with students informations) And another one called MARKS (for students marks), so basically student information must be in MARKS table too. and if I update a record in a table the record must be updated automatically in other one!

How can I do that please?

Welcome to the community, @Mohsen_khaldoun! :smiley: It’s best not to duplicate info across multiple tables. One of the elements of good database design is that each type of data will have one place where it can be found. In your case, all student data will live on the [Students] table. If you’re in the [Marks] table and want to refer to a specific student—for example, to record the student’s marks for an assignment—you would add a link field where you can create a link to the student record in the [Students] table. Using that link, you could pull in other info from that student’s record using a lookup field, but that original student record is still the master place to record and edit all of that student’s details. When that student’s record changes, any records in other tables that link to that student record will see those changes via any lookup fields you might have made.

Does that make sense?

Thanks for your help @Justin_Barrett!
What if I want to get all informations of STUDENTS of a spesific class? for example : an Exam must be passed by all students of this class (except absents). How can I do that without adding Students one by one?

I suggest adding a [Class] table where you record basic info for each class in a separate record. In each student record in the [Students] table, link to the appropriate class. You can then group students by class. You can also create a view that only shows one class using a filter. In any other table, you can use a lookup field to pull in the students’ class details, so you can do similar grouping and filtering operations on any other table where you’ve linked your students.

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