Due Dates Delete Formula

Hi everyone!
I’m trying to make a formula where I can only see the date of the project is about to expire. I don’t know if that’s something it can be done, but it would really help me because I don’t want to be seen always all the dates, but only the ones I’m about to work.

I hope someone can help me.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Luciana,

I found this great resource that might help you out regarding your question:

The top 10 time-saving Airtable date formulas

I hope this helps.

Hi @Luciana_Boasso - if I understand correctly, I think you only want to see the projects/tasks that are due soon, not all tasks - is that right? If so, this is best achieved using views on your projects table.

If I have a (simplified) projects table like this:

I can create a view “Due Soon” and filter out tasks that are due after an amount of time into the future:

If you drag your Due Soon view to the top of your list of views this will then be the default view for you:


Yes, actually I have thought in doing something like that, but maybe it was a way to make a filter with a formula where I don’t have to go to another view.

Thank you for your time, I’ll try it anyway :slight_smile:

I saw that top 10 but the thing is I don’t understand why is comparing to dues from different fields.
I want the formula compares dues from the same field. Is that make sense?

Thanks for your time! :slight_smile: