Dummy table for CI?

I’m writing a small package for the julia programming language intended to wrap the airtable REST API to make it a bit easier to access within scripts. Julia has a pretty strong culture of including automated testing of packages, and I was wondering if there’s a sort of dummy table with an open api key that could be used for this purpose.

I can create a dummy account and use that, but wanted to know

  1. is there a sanctioned way to do this
  2. if not, is there any reason not to make a dummy account

Good for you! This is a good project to undertake.

#1 - no, no sanctioned process; free for all. :wink:

#2 - no reason to make a dummy account; you’ll need an API key and there are no public keys that I am aware of.

Good luck with that - Julia has solid promise for some interesting apps.

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You mean no reason NOT to make a dummy account I take it?

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Sorry - yes, correct - make the accounts you need to develop and test.

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