Duplicate a table within a base and keep it linked


I am getting my table data from Jotforms with an integration. This is working well. I want to then customise my table further and add lots of extra fields in Airtable for workflow, but I kind of want to keep the original import data structure intact and simple. My solution to this is to create a second table which has all the data from the import table linked plus all my extra goodies. I am aware that I can achieve this by creating a new table and manually linking all the fields from the import table, but I wondered if there was a simple solution to creating a complete linked table duplicate in one click?

Am I just being lazy? I could have probably done it manually in the time it took to write this but I hate doing stuff the hard way if there is something I am missing.



No, don’t do that. That is bad database structure. I think what you really want to do is create a new view in your existing table. Each view can be radically different than the other views.

Thanks ScottWorld - yeah, I can see you are right. I was trying to keep the Jotform integration simple as it is pretty complex already with 60 odd fields. I’m going to not worry about that and do it with views as you say though.

Thanks for getting back to me


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