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I have multiple schools participating in multiple programs. Each program has its own form. So, we would send school A a form for program A and a different form for program B. In an attempt to make the forms as simple as possible, we are not asking the schools to select the program, rather I want to use automations to update the program name (linked) depending on which form is being submitted.

For example, School A has been invited to participating in Program X. They complete the form, then the automation enters “Program X” in the linked program field. I just copied the text from the primary field of the Programs table.

I set up an initial automation with the first program we have, and it worked perfectly. Then, I set up a new form for the next program, and I duplicated the automation, retested the trigger using the new form, and updated the program name for the new program. (Again, copied from the primary field.)

In this case, the automation fails, indicating

and when i review the run history, I get this:

I have tried setting up both the form and the automations. discretely, rather than duplicating, and still no luck. I have tried setting up a separately linked field to enter the second program, thinking maybe I needed separate linked fields fro every single program, and that didn’t work either.

Any support would be greatly appreciated!

Since your Programs table is using a formula field as its primary field (instead of a field that allows modifications), you will only be able to specify a Program that already exists.

If you have a small number of Programs, I would just create a record for each one of those programs ahead of time in the Programs table.

@ScottWorld Thanks for the quick reply!
All of the program names are already listed in the Program table - so, I’m not creating something new within the automated update.

It worked correctly in the initial automation - I did exactly the same thing - copied the text of the Program Name (from the primary field of the Program table) and it works anytime a new form response comes in for that program.

That’s why I’m not understanding why it won’t work in the second automation for the second program.

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding your reply! But, any other thoughts?


I would check if your project name has any extra leading or trailing spaces, which Airtable often hides onscreen. You will need an exact match of the project name in order for this to work, including trailing & leading spaces.

Well, don’t I feel silly!

There was an extra space after the program name in the single line text, but it must have been hidden in the concatenate of the primary field.

Thanks so much!

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You’re welcome! Glad I could help! :smiley:

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