Duplicate Automations?

It would be great to be able to duplicate automations once they have been built. I have a use case where I’m moving records from one table to one of two identical tables depending on what filter they fit into. I built the first automation, only to realize I had to completely redo the exact same work for the second destination.


Hi Tim, this feature exists at the base level. When you have the automations tab open, click the automation you’d like to duplicate to open it. Once it’s open, you should see a triangle at the end of the title–click it and it will open a menu allowing you to rename, duplicate, or delete it. :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks @Katie_Gilligan, now how do I report this as the solution on my mobile?

How to do that across bases?

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Does anyone know if this can be done across bases? I mean. I want to create the same automation in several bases but idk if that is possible just importaing an automation



Did you get to do that?

Not actually! I havent tried if further anyway!

Yeh, a mechanism to implement in a Base an Automation from another Base would be great for managing the lifecycle of Tables and associated Automations (I validate an automation in staging, I now want to implement exactly it in production)

+1 would be incredibly useful to be able to copy and past automations across bases.


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