Duplicate Custom Form Entries

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I recently created a Custom form using the ‘Encode URL’ component to prefill fields on a feedback form for our members. We email the custom URL to customers but when they complete it, it’s creating a duplicate entry on the grid view in Airtable vs updating the record with the URL we sent. Anyone else experience this? Is there some way to prevent it?

Submitting a form in Airtable always creates a new record. Submitting a form never updates existing records.

The prefill feature is simply there to help your users do quicker data entry when filling out a form… for when they are wanting to create a new record in your system. The prefill feature is not designed to match & update an existing record in your system.

To update an existing record in your system, you would need to turn to external tools such as MiniExtensions.com, Zapier.com, Integromat.com, or Stacker.

Also, to quickly eliminate duplicate records in your system, you can use the Dedupe Block.

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Great, thanks for your help!

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