Duplicate Record -> Duplicate all linked records

I have a table called Events and in it is a record called Monopoly Tournament
I have a table called Users and in it is a bunch of people that come to events
I have a table called Registrants and in it is a field for 2 things … 1) single linked event 2) single linked user (thus, there are multiple records for users who are coming to the Monopoly Tournament)

I have lots of registrants already coming and they want to have the same event the next week.

Is there a way to …

  1. Easily duplicate the “Monopoly Tournament” record in the Event Table
  2. Automatically duplicate the registrants for the original event but change the event field value to the newly created event


You cannot do this with a formula. However, it can be done with Scripting.

On the other hand, if this is a one-time duplication, you can go about this from the other end.

  1. Create the new event but don’t add any registrations yet.
  2. In the registrations table, duplicate the original registrations.
  3. In the duplicate set, change the event for the first duplicate and drag down to copy the new value to the remaining duplicates.
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Thanks Kuovonne,
It is going to be a regular occurrence so I will look into the scripting option. Thanks so much!!!

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