Duplicate record from one table to another automatically


I would like to be able to link two tables in such a way that a record appears identically in both upon creating the record and updating it as time goes on. For example, my boss and I have separate tables for our ongoing “to do” lists. She would like to be able to create a record on her table and have it pop up on my table in the same dept (single select field) and that when I update it on my table, hers is also updated simultaneously. Is this possible? Not using the “link a record” field, bc that isn’t working for her.



Um, as you describe it, not really — at least not with the bi-directional transfer of data you desire. There are ways to move or duplicate a record from one table to another, but the problem is trying to synchronize field values back upstream.

My suggestion would be for you both to use the same table but with filtered views. I’d have to know more about your actual processes, but by filtering by responsible party and department, you and your boss could have tailored views providing you each with an appropriate ‘to-do’ list. (You’d probably have to set a responsible party explicitly for each action item — which probably isn’t such a bad idea, anyway.)

Alternatively, you could continue to use separate tables and use an integration service such as Zapier or Integromat to pass item and status information back and forth — but I’m a firm believer in the path of least resistance. :wink: