Duplicate Record - Limit data duplicated to specific view or column

We use our base for scheduling events and use the duplicate record option quite often on recurring events from the past, however we have found that duplicating the entire record can be error prone at times by duplicating the information in the hidden columns.

We have one view for scheduling (entering events and details)
One view for billing (entering billing related data… invoice#, Invoice date, etc.)
One view for payroll (entering payroll related data… pay date, etc.)

When we are scheduling and duplicate a past event, it also duplicates all the past billing & payroll data that is hidden. Obviously we can just delete the added data, but just trying to keep it simple. It would be preferable if you can have option under the column settings to turn off duplicate data or have a setting in the view to limit duplicate data to columns in the view only.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

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