Duplicate Table to Different Base

THANKSSSSSSS ! great job
thanks a lot a lot

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Thank you for this! You’ve at least given us some of our field types back with this very well written solution. Your time is VERY much appreciated. Airtable is now referring people to your post when we once again request the ability to duplicate and move tables! Rob (Airtable Support)

"Sep 12, 4:14 PM PDT

Hi Jeri,

Take a look at James Hahn’s post here. This workaround accomplishes most of the heavy lifting with a requirement to rebuild formulas. It’s not perfect but it’s something! Unfortunately, I don’t have a timeline on a table copy feature though it is a heavily requested one."

Still, having developed dozens of formulas and linked tables, I and others like me are left with no viable solution from Airtable for a much needed feature.

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Thanks for this! It worked.

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All hail King James for saving the people! :crown:

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You saved me days of work! Thanks James!

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…

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Someone warned already - this does not work in Firefox. It did work in the PC Desktop ‘app’. Someone said it does also work in Chrome.

Create a sync table and then remove the syncing
This allows you to duplicate a table from one base to another


Hi Everyone,

I’ve tried everything, and… it does not work !

  • Deleting all the cell, columns and rows
  • Deleting other table
  • Using Chrome

I still have the message about expanding the cells, and it always only copy the content and not the structure.

Anyone has an idea of what to do ?


There’s another simple way now. In short it is using “Share View”