Duplicate Views to Other Table?

I have two tables in a base that list my videos on two separate YouTube channels. I waited to duplicate the one table, so that everything went along for the ride to the second table. But now I’ve created a great new view in the first table after the fact and wondered if I could duplicate it to the second one. I can re-create it, but wondered if it could be done automatically (because I’m sure I’ll do this again as I keep finding new uses for new views). Thanks for any help!

Welcome to the community, @Erica_Gamet! :smiley: Sorry to see that you haven’t had a reply to this yet, but there currently isn’t a way to duplicate views across tables. I suggest that you consider combining the two tables into one, using a {Channel} field to specify which channel is related to each record. It could be a single select type, or a link to a [Channels] table if you want to store details about each channel.