Duplicating a new row in table that is already linked to multiple tables

Is there anyway without using Zapier that new data in a row can be automatically transferred from one table to other tables that are linked within the original table ?

Example: I have a database of over 6000 people with unique ID numbers that are not auto numbered chronologically. These 6000 are in my main table and their corresponding information has been linked to a variety of other tables (i.e: Alumni, Organizations, Donors etc.) The question lies in whenever I add a new record to my 6000 base I want to know if there is a way to automatically have that record displayed in their other respective tables without having to manually add them to each table. All of my tables are linked by ID. However, for ease of linking (as you can only link one table per column) I’ve worked my way around this by linking all ID’s in all of my tables in one separate table (called ID_Linking) via views and from that table my main list is linked.