Duplicating fields in a form

Hey Airtable community,

Wondering if anyone has an easy solution for this…

Currently, we’ve got a survey set up that we send to a multitude of clients. Some of the fields need to be duplicated more than once as some of the questions are for specific individuals rather than the company/organization as a whole.

Is there an easy way (such as a "add more fields or “+” button that would allow the client that is filling out the form to duplicate a set of fields on their own? Or does this need to be set up manually with conditional formatting in place?

Previously we’ve manually set up duplicated fields that are conditionally formatted to a specific number that’s noted by the client filling out the survey (i.e. # of employees). Where if the answer is equal to 5 or more, 5 duplications of the required fields pop up for the client. If the answer is 10, 10 duplications of the required field pop up for the client to fill in.

Any suggestions or help regarding this would be amazing, thanks!

Welcome to the community, @Jaeden_Froese! :smiley:

Because Airtable’s forms are actually a view tied to a specific table, manual setup with conditional formatting is the only available option.

Whenever you use a form that allows for a truly arbitrary number of duplicated fields to be filled (employees, family members, etc.) what’s most likely happening behind the scenes is that there are two different tables being filled: one with basic family/company information, and another with individual person/employee info, with each person/employee record in that second table linked to the related family/company record in the first. Airtable’s form system isn’t that robust, so you’ll need to add as many fields as you might need to your target table, and control the visibility of the relevant form fields using conditions.

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