DURATION changes the information I type in


I’m having issues with the duration field. I’m trying to make a cue sheet for a composer, so I need to mark the duration of the music cue needed, but when I type in the value, Airtable changes the numbers. For instance:

If my settings are as follows:06%20AM

And I type in 020913, meaning 2 minutes, 09 seconds, 13 frames, Airtable converts that to 5:48:33.00, and I have no idea why.
If I type in 02:09:13, Airtable sees it for what it is: 2:09:13.00.

Is it my settings? I can’t copy the timecode directly from my NLE, so banging in the numbers via the number panel is the next most expedient – I don’t want to have to type out the colons between numbers, as that gets very fiddly.

Any suggestions?
Thanks for your time and help!


The Duration field is storing it’s value as a decimal that represents “seconds” in the background. It is showing you HH:MM:SS.ss, but ultimately the value it stores is a single number of total seconds.

So when you type in a single value, it takes that as seconds - 020913 is being interpreted by the Duration field as 20913 seconds, and then displaying that back to you as the number of HH:MM:SS.ss that many seconds converts to.

I think Duration field is not the best use for what you are doing. If I were you, I’d use a simple text field for input, and then have a formula field that parses and interprets your input the way you want it to.