Duration Field for Timecode?


Hi, I am looking for a way to input Timecode in a Field, (ie: 12:24:32:00) (HH:MM:SS:FRAMES) The Duration type comes close but no option for double digit hours, and regular numbers don’t seem to allow colons.

Anyone have any ides.




I’d probably use a text field, which has no restrictions. Are you looking to do any calculations on the times you enter? That may become tricky if so.

EDIT: BTW, welcome to the Airtable community! :smiley:



Ughh… Should have thought of that. Thanks! But it would be nice to have support for time code, so we could have it do calculations in cells for adding up segments for a TV show Im on.

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Agreed. I suggest posting to the Product Suggestions category with this request. I don’t think it would be that difficult to expand the Duration type to allow more detail on both ends (double-digit hours on the high side, frames on the low side)