Duration to Decimal Calculation Not Accurate - solved!


Hi all,

I’m using Airtable to track and invoice hours as a freelance designer. I really like the time tracking block, but I’m having trouble converting the duration into an accurate decimal that I can multiply by my hourly rate to get my fee. For example, I have 3:03:00 in my duration column (formatted as h:mm:ss), and the formula in the next column is {Duration}/3660, It returns 3.00, but it should return 3.05, which means I’d be getting shorted a few bucks on my hourly rate calculation. Am I doing this wrong? I want to make sure it’s accurate so that I’m not missing out on revenue. Every penny counts, after all. :wink:

Any help is appreciated!


I believe it should be {Duration}/3600

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Well now I feel silly… Haha! That did it. Thanks!