Dynamic Default Values in Forms

It would be helpful for repetitive data entry via a form if the new blank form “remembered” certain values from the last submitted values. Imagine taking inventory items in various rooms or containers. Instead of having to select that room or container every time you start a new form entry, it would save the user a lot of time if the previous room or container ID were persistent until changed. I envision a flag that can be set for each field when creating the form that indicates which fields will be remembered. Does this capability exist already?

Found a workaround for now. Used a free Bubble.io account and their API connector to query Airtable for the most recent record. Then use that data to dynamically build the iframe code to embed a pre-filled Airtable form on the Bubble.io page. I then just use the Bubble.io page URL to access the form so every time I reload, it’s pre-populated with select fields from the last record I added to the base.