Dynamic Drop down dependent on another dropdown


New to the Airtable platform.
I am wondering if this is possible.

I am developing a manufacturing schedule and in the schedule you have a Phase and multiple (different) steps in each phase.

Ideally I would like a (2) drop-downs side by side and the second one becomes dependent on what you chose in the first.

So if i Choose Phase 3 the second column would only show steps associated with Phase 3 not all the others.


Hierarchical Single/Multi Select fields

It’s not possible currently.

Here are some #feature-requests and #support questions that address something similar/related:


Looks like I’ll have to abandon Airtable. This is a much needed (and VERY much requested feature/capability) and yet no one from support offers any real help. EVERY client I have been trying to use Airtable with needs this functionality (for instance - selecting a “PRODUCT FAMILY” and then having “PRODUCT SUBFAMILY” options populate related only to “PRODUCT FAMILY”).

Really wish they would offer some kind of support for this.