Dynamic dropdown options on forms

I am trying to create a mentor request form & table for our community and I haven’t been able to figure out the setup to meet our requirements. Here they are:

  1. There will be a mentor request form that is sent out to all users in our community asking them to select an available mentor from a dropdown list.
  2. available means that the mentor has less than 2 mentor requests in the current month
  3. We would then keep track of mentor requests and close them as they get done

How would one go about setting this up?

Thank you for all your help!

Hi @Selman_Kaldiroglu - have a look at this post which is similar:

You can create of view of mentors that have less than two requests in the last month and this is what feeds your form.

Thanks for your response however I am not sure if this would work since our max capacity is defined as Mentor and the current month. So its a first come first serve basis each month.

Not sure how I would Count number of mentor requests by (Mentor,Month) combo.

If you have a “Mentor Requests” table like this:

You can have a formula field “created this month” with formula:

IF(MONTH(TODAY()) = MONTH({Created Date}), 1, 0)

This flags the current month bookings with 1 (and zero otherwise). Back on your mentors table:

you can have a “count this month” field which is a conditional count:

This count field allows you to create a view where the “count this month” is less than 2. Then your booking form uses this view to allow requestors to pick from the list of available mentors rather than all mentors.

Thank you Jonathan. Last question – what if I wanted to take this a step further and have the condition be:

  • If the mentor has 2 mentor requests in the past 30 days, then make them unavailable
  • Else make them available

Ah I think I figured it out! Thanks!

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