Dynamic Dropdown Results

Requires Linked SingleSelect/MultiSelect Dropdown, which can be restricted on the basis of any criteria. In particular I need Dropdowns, which offer a subset of choices based on the result of another dropdown/field.

For example, I would like to have a drop-down “LAND”, which gets the data from a separate table (LAND, REGION).

The table would then look like this:
Switzerland, Aarau
Switzerland, Bern
Switzerland, Zurich
Germany, Baden-Württemberg
Germany, Lower Saxony
Germany, Saarland
France, Aquitaine
France, Brittany
France, Poitou-Charentes
…, …

A second dropdown “REGION” should then only show the regions matching the selected country.
Then the second dropdown should only show “Aquitaine”, “Bretage” and “Poitou-Charentes” when I select “France” as the LAND.

If I look up in the forums, this is probably a very popular wish for a long time. Is something like this available now and if so, how does it work?

Hi @Patrick_Blattner

Welcome to the Airtable Community! Thanks for sharing your request for conditional single select and multiple select fields.

Unfortunately, we don’t currently support conditional select options in a field. This is something we’re considering eventually supporting, but I don’t currently have a timeline for doing so.

I’d love to pass this feedback along to my team as a way we could improve the product further – thanks for surfacing it! Also, you can stay on top of Airtable product changes from our What’s New Page.

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