Dynamic filter based on collaborator field ("Me" view)


The collaborator field is great. Is there any plan to allow dynamic filtering based on this column? E.g. when collaborator contains [me]?

Use case: I’ve got a team issues register using SharePoint. The default view shows the user only those records where their name (based on authenticated user account) is contained in a collaborator column.

I’d like to transition to Airtable, but would need to give users a “My Items” view where they can see only records which contain them as a collaborator, without the user being required to apply a filter themselves.


This would be super useful as it avoids the need to create a view for every team member. Our team has some long term members but also a few changing staff.

It’d be great to have this “Me” view ready to go for existing team members and as new staff join.


+1 @Vernon_Fowler and @Adam_Dowsett that’s excatly my urgent needs thanks for this


+1 This would be SO useful for medium and large teams.


Obviously a must have for us too :slight_smile: Would be cool to also have this in forms (pre-filling inputs is already possible, but with static values, like “?fieldname=collaborator” --> “?fieldname=ME”


Just spent 10 mins trying to figure out if there was a way to do this, I think this would be a great addition



Let’s call it “filter by currently logged-in collaborator” … is a must-have feature.


This is essential - I’m doing work for clients where I’m having to build multiple copies of views (as I’m sure everyone is).


It would be great if this filter could be locked, so that collaborators can only see their own records (depending on their role). This significantly expands the market for Airtable to uses like helpdesk/issue reporting, employee expense submission, and any other case where people should be able to add, edit, and view only their records.


Yes! This!

This would make the collaborator field really useful.


+1 for this it would be great for teams.



Any news on this? We’d love to see this feature as well!