Dynamic filter based on collaborator field ("Me" view)

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Thanks for your +1 vote for this product suggestion.

Views filtered to the logged in user seem even more relevant now that the Web Clipper block has been updated with the option to choose a default value of the Clip action user for collaborator fields.

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1+ this. This will help reduce the number of views in a base which I know is a main complaint with the lack of cross base linking. I’m currently running 30 views in a base and could reduce these by about 12 if I could filter based on user.

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Agreed to all. +1 on feature add. I’ve built a custom ‘user dashboard’ but it has to be shared with each user manually and doesn’t allow for widescale distribution or edits.

+1 want this feature

+1. Would love users to not have to create their own views - that we then can’t keep up to date when things change.

Very much missing to create views that are relevant to the current user.


Great idea. We’re trying to consolidate all of our apps into Airtable and this would be a great way to migrate our task list app into Airtable.