Dynamic IF 'anytext' help

Hi everyone,

I’m struggling to nest an IF formula that would apply a sales commission % to any other agents that make a sale.

Current Formula:

IF({Agent}=“Me”, {Agent}*.24,

IF({Agent}="(Help)", {Agent}*.20,

IF({Agent}=Blank(), 0,"")))

For the Help portion, I currently want it to show that if any Agent in future were to make a sale, then the commission % would be applied to them, regardless of who they are.

Hi @Cal_King, try

Agent != “Me”

i.e not equal to me


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@JonathanBowen thank you for the reply.

It didn’t quite work for me.

Ideally, I’m looking for a way to calculate the 20% commission for whomever I name as an {AGENT} for future sales - but until then, leaving it blank.

  • If “I’m”={Agent}, then 24% * {Grs.Sale}
  • If “Mgr”={AGENT}, 30%*{GrsSale)
  • If “AnyoneElse”={AGENT}, 20%*{Grs.Sale}
  • If BLANK, 0 commission

I know that an easier way would be to keep a running list of Agents and simply link the {AGENT} sheet to that field but the layout I current have auto-calculates after manually entering AR, AP, and AGENT.

Does this apply the proper logic?

{Grs.Sale} * SWITCH(
    "Me", .24,
    "Mgr", .3,

If there’s no agent listed, the value is zero. If there’s an agent, then multiply the {Grs.Sale} value by a percentage that depends on who the agent is. If it’s “Me”, it’s 24%. If it’s “Mgr”, it’s 30%. If it’s anyone else, it’s 20%

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@Justin_Barrett thank you so much! It worked!!!