Dynamic Row Height



As far as I can tell, currently you can set row heights to Short/Medium/Tall/Extra Tall. This height setting is applied to every row in the base.

It’d be nice if there could be a “dynamic height” option, where each individual row is set to a height depending on its longest content. So a row that has a cell which requires 5 lines to display will have a height of 5 lines, while a row whose longest cell is only 1 word will be still be the “Short” height.

This would be really useful for bases where we have text content that varies greatly in length (for example, user responses to an open-ended survey question). Right now, I have to set the height to “Extra Tall” to fit in most answers, but this wastes a lot of space because there are also lots of short answers which end up taking up way more space than they need.