Dynamically filtered view

Hi everyone, I‘m currently searching for a creative way to filter a shared gridview dynamically.

As I described it here, search and filter functions are hidden on mobile devices (did I miss something?). I am trying to find a creative way to go around it and enable at least some kind of minimal sorting.

In this case I have a list of events, each taking place in a country. If I could filter a gridview to only display one country (without having to create a grid per country manually beforehand), that would be fine… but I haven‘t been successful sofar…

Any idea?

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This is also an issue with me. Why can’t shared views have the option to filter, sort and search on mobile devices? Many of my users need to be able to have these features on their mobile devices.

If you use www.table2site.com you can create tiles and lists that have basic filters as well as other features: https://table2site.com/site/demo-site-1

The first link didn’t work. What is this?

Drop the “www” from the URL and it works:

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This tool would allow your users to search for a country and get a list of events for that country. (without having to create a view for each country in advance)

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