Dynamically Sort When View Loads, Based On "Sort" Settings


When we load up a specific view, specifically one where we’ve already pre-determined how we’d like it to be grouped and sorted, it doesn’t make sense why we would have to click the “Sort” button and hit ‘apply’ every time in order to update the sort view.

Can we make this a dynamic process where when the view loads, it automatically looks at the sort and ‘applies’ those settings right away?

Please and Thank you!


Any progress or response on this? Pretty fundamental need and something you would intuitively expect as an option when creating a view. Really could lead to misleading decisions when evaluating data and not remembering to always hit sort after setting a filter, or after adding records.


I would find this very useful as well. If the existing functionality is desired perhaps it could be a checkbox on the sort dialog labelled “auto-sort” or something similar. That way when you create the sort you’d have the option to pick whether you wanted it to be one-time, or ongoing as each record is added.

The way it is currently implemented it is a one-time sort, but with a history of what your previous sort was.