Easy way of highlighting duplicates

I have a column “Company Name” that I want to check for possible duplicates.
I love the Dedupe app, it’s very powerful but I need a way to highlighting the possible dupes without deciding what to do about those.
I’ve seen some solutions but they all seem complicated.
For now grouping by “Company Name” is the easiest way but means you need to scroll through the whole table.

I had a feeling I could use “Text aggregator” in Integromat for this but I couldn’t figure exactly how.
So after messaging the support they came back to me with a solution!

I’ve modified slightly adding the slack module and filter.

Btw this is next level of CS, I wasn’t even their paying customer!
I am now :slight_smile:

I’m glad you found a solution that works for you.

I too have had great experiences with Integromat customer support. They’re great!

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