Easy way to change the local time zone

guys, we need an easy way to change the local time zone!

will be ok if we have the time zone option on our admin panel or something, i don’t wanna search for formulas and stuff like that to use my local time zone


It would be great to set a timezone on a per-base or per-account basis. So, if you have collaborators in separate timezones, you’ll always see dates and times in the chosen time zone, but don’t have to deal with offsets from GMT.

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This needs to be implemented as a very high priority.
We are considering introducing airtable to our business, with the intention of rolling it out across multiple departments.

But this would legitimately be a deal breaker

Requiring coding per column to avoid date and time zone confusion is not acceptable from a usability standpoint, for what should be a relatively simple and regularly used task. I would be able to personally live with the workaround, but it’s already a hurdle to get some of the less technically minded in the business on board without unneccessary roadblocks for a function that even the least technically minded will need to use on a daily basis.

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I agree! This is basic design. This is a project management tool with a ridiculous design flaw. WHY would I pay money monthly for a product that cannot perform such a rudimentary function?! It is NOT connecting with my local time zone, it is 2 hours (and a few minutes) off! How can I collaborate with team members and plan events and programming with a calendar/clock from another time zone?