Edit airtable on mobile using desktop view


There are a few important features not available on the iOS app and I tried to access my table from a browser but it was blocked and wouldnt accept viewing as a desktop. How can i access all features from a mobile device?


You can use the “Request Desktop Site” feature in Safari. I forget exactly where it is, perhaps on the share menu. It will allow you to use Airtable in desktop layout in your iOS browser.


I tried in safari but it doesnt work :confused:


Sadly, it doesn’t work on iPad / iPhone :confused: .

And iOS app’ users are stuck with a very limited and sometimes confusing version of Airtable :confused:


You can do it - I’m not sure how helpful it is once you’re there, though.


Goodness Gracious :star_struck:! My bad :wink:!
I never thought to go in the “sharing menu” of safari :sweat_smile: … But, as you said, once there, it does not seem very helpful either :confused: