Edit gallery record cards with one click (without expanding record)


Currently, when I attempt to click on a checkbox in a Gallery view, the record view opens up. I’d much rather be able to directly check/uncheck the checkbox from the Gallery view.



I think this would be really neat.



I am hoping for this feature also across platforms (including iOS).


+1 Please! This would be extremely helpful for me in getting my clients to buy into Airtable!


I’m still hoping for this feature. It is a must have for any form of “check off the boxes to make sure everything is complete” applications.


+1 for this. At present, I refrain from showing checkboxes on Gallery because of the confusion it causes when everyone expects clicking it will simply un / check the box (rather than expand to full record view). :+1:


This is also an issue with the Kanban view.


I’d like to +1 this and expand upon it by saying it would be really neat to be able to click on different parts of cards in gallery view and it enters directly into that cell’s function (whether it by text, checkbox, etc.). Currently it brings up the whole expanded record. I’d love to be able to click on the text part of my card in the gallery view and just start typing as if it were in the grid view.


URLs in gallery view cards should open the link shown… shouldn’t they?

Instead, urls in gallery view cards open the record and then user has to find the url again.


In fact the URL has not link, you are pressing the card itself, what opens the record. I think the full card is like a button, you can’t copy text neither. Maybe interactive cards could be in #feature-requests?