Edit Timezone in ICS file?

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I am trying to import an airtable calendar into Outlook using an ics file. However, it appears that the owner of the calendar has everything coded as UTC when it should be in EST. Thus, when I import into Outlook, it tries to adjust into my local time and everything ends up in the middle of the night. I don’t have any ability to change the calendar itself, only viewing and downloading an ICS or CSV file. Is there any way I can edit the ics file itself so that outlook thinks the times are in EST?

Though it may not be the place, this leads me to two other quick questions:

If I import the calendar, will it automatically update if changes are made on airtable, or is it static from the moment I import it?

Also, is there any way I could import only certain events after applying a filter? I can apply the filter I want on the airtable interface, but I’m wondering if I can basically apply that filter to an exported ics.

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I would think about having the Airtable owner share his calendar as an iCal subscription link instead of an exported .ics file.

An iCal subscription link enables you to always see live updated data in your Outlook calendar. (Note that an iCal subscription link is read-only — you can’t make changes to his Airtable base from your Outlook.)

If both of you are in EST, then just have him turn off the “GMT” formatting option for the date field, and all events will reflect his local time zone.

If you are dealing with more than one time zone between the two of you, then you’ll need to follow the instructions in my training video & sample base here:

An .ics is just a text file. You can open it up in a text editor and do a find/replace for what you need.


Yes, filters are always applied to both exported .ics files and iCal subscription links.

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Thanks very much for your help. This was an extremely helpful response. Unfortunately, this calendar is part of a large operation and it’s not really feasible for me to ask for the ical subscription link or for them to change settings. I assume there’s no way for me to generate one myself?

You’re welcome! Generate one of what yourself?

An iCal subscription link. Like I mentioned, I can’t really ask the owner unfortunately.

If you’re not a collaborator on the Airtable base, then you can’t generate any of the above.

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