Editable Partial shared view of sheet


I am having troubling sharing access to people and allowing permission to edit their part of the data in the sheet.

eg. There is a row that mentions five relationship managers with their client details. They should be able to view, edit and only their details to the sheet. Other RM details should not be visible.

Please advice what should be done in this case.

Thank you.


Welcome to the community, @afreen_Changani!

At the moment, this can only be done with an external tool like Stacker, although it’s on Airtable’s product roadmap to bring this feature to the product in a very limited fashion (i.e. shared views will be editable).

However, for the best security & best user experience, Stacker is the way to go. Many of the businesses that I consult with use Stacker precisely for this purpose.

p.s. If it’s your first time setting up Stacker, it can feel a little daunting, so if you have a budget for your project and you need to hire an expert Airtable developer to help you out with this, feel free to send me a private message or contact me through my website ScottWorld.com.

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