Editing a formula for upcoming due dates

I need some help editing my original formula which is:

IF(IS_BEFORE({Actual Site Walk}, TODAY()), “:white_check_mark:Done​:white_check_mark:”,IF(IS_BEFORE({Forecasted Site Walk}, TODAY()), “:alarm_clock:OVERDUE​:alarm_clock:”,“:running_man:In-progress​:running_man:”))

I’d like to add/change the formula to show “DUE SOON” for dates in the Forecasted Site Walk field that are within the next 14 days, but keep the rest as well. How do I do that? Thanks!

I tested this, and am pretty sure it works for what you want:

    IS_BEFORE({Actual Site Walk}, TODAY()), "✅Done✅",
        IS_BEFORE({Forecasted Site Walk}, TODAY()), "⏰OVERDUE⏰",
                DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(), {Forecasted Site Walk}, "days") >= -14,
                DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(), {Forecasted Site Walk}, "days") < 0
            "DUE SOON",

That worked! Thank you!! :smile:

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