Editing Existing Airtable Form Submission?


I was just wondering if there was a way for an airtable form submission to be edit-able. It’s annoying how everytime a form is submitted it shows up as a new entry when someone perhaps wants to go back and revise an existing form entry. I know Google forms has this. Is there any way for Airtable to do this?

User fills in field that he forgot to fill

No, unfortunately. Forms can only create new records in AirTable, you can’t edit existing records (form submissions) using a form.

I think in order to do this you would need an integration with either Zappier or Integromat and another wbeform service that pushes values into AirTable, instead of using an AirTable-made form. Its really inconvenient for users and I can only hope that feature will be added in the future.


Agreed - the ability to edit a single record using a form (using a record ID) would be extremely helpful.