Editing images to rotate and re-crop

I’d like to be able to edit images in order to re-crop and rotate them.

There is a airtable help article saying this is not supported and asking users to re-upload images. This is a pretty annoying workaround.

Whilst the web app at least allows cropping and rotation of images during initial upload, the iOS apps do not. And you never know the orientation of an image coming from an iphone - there is even an unresolved issue I found in this forum about this.

So users who want quality photographs in their databases, who therefore use iphones to take photos - cannot crop, cannot rotate, cannot edit later and are never 100% sure of the orientation of their images.


I completely agree. Why can I rotate and crop images before they’re uploaded, but not afterwards? I uploaded about 10 photos directly captured from my phone and only noticed afterwards that the upload process rotated them in the opposite orientation that they were captured in. And now what, I can’t rotate them? Once uploaded, I can only rename files (curiously you also cannot rename files until after they’re uploaded???).

So, in addition to image rotation and cropping after they’re uploaded, there should also be a zooming function. It’s sooooo annoying that you can’t zoom in on pictures, or download images on mobile (iOS at least).


Good points made on this thread. I was surprised rotate and zoom features exist for PDF files.