Editing Tables in Different Bases


I have a team with multiple departments. I want all my departments to be able to edit and update Contacts from their respective bases. Is there a way to do this?

Thank you.

There a many ways to achieve your goal, depending on your purpose.
Use sync to move data between bases and assign rights up to your needs.
If you want to restrict departments from access to some ‘Main base’, i would suggest to create another base for Contacts, open access for them and sync data from ‘Contacts’ to ‘Main’.
If you need to restrict them from each other, you need to set up multiple syncs.

Are you using a synced table for contacts? Users cannot directly edit synced values in the synced table.

If users have edit access to the original table in the original base, you can include an “open source record” button that will open the original record in its original base for editing.

If users do not have edit access to the original table in the original base, you can use a prefilled form and automation script workaround to get updates to the original data.

This sounds like a good idea Kouvonne. Do you happen to have the script for this?


Thanks Alexey. I’ll be doing this for now. I just wish we can find a way to contribute to the main base using the sub base.

I have written scripts that do this for clients. Each script needs to be customized to the exact base. There are also some limitations: prefilled urls have character limits, rich text fields have limitations, and attachment fields need special handling, etc. If you have budget to hire a script writer and would like to discuss options, feel free to book an appointment with me.

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