Editor Access to a Table

How can my Virtual Assistant update our Contacts table? How can my photographer add pictures to our Products Table? How can my Marketing Agency add notes to our Campaigns table?

  • A read only link and/or a form is not “collaboration.”
  • Giving 3rd parties access to my my entire base is not efficient or safe.

Please tell me there’s another option!

Airtable hasn’t created any viable options for this yet, so you would need to turn to external “portal“ tools such as Stacker or miniextensions.com.

Thanks for the reply.

Might it work to give a 3rd party editor access to a base, but then set permissions for each “sensitive” table to collaborator - thereby leaving only a few targeted tables accessible to the pool of Editors?

Right, that’s what those tools do. You can also give editors access to just specific records.

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