Education Contracts & FERPA


This product would be very useful for both higher education and P-12 applications if it was FERPA compliant. FERPA came up a few times in the HIPPA section, but it is worth examining on its own as FERPA compliance is likely more of a contractual issue than a technical issue. Schools (P-12 and higher ed.) have a responsibility to keep student data private and only contact with software companies who agree contractually to abide by the same data responsibilities. Perhaps Airtable already has all the technical data controls needed to be FERPA compliant and the only issue is the necessary contractual guarantees to meet educational standards.

The educational software market is a massive multi-billion dollar market and growing rapidly … in case you are worried about the returns from putting in a bit of work on this. Partly because of the FERPA issues, the current data solutions in education are poor. There are either massive, unwieldily databases like Student Information Systems or folks at the department/school/classroom level trying to build excel sheets to manage all the data. A solution between those 2 (your product) would be really useful for a large number of applications.