Efficient Base Design - AWS Logging - Arrays of Data?

Hi there,

Myself and @shravan_chandrashekh are working on logging AWS data for our clients and inferring some insights.

We are currently adding one row for each log. We are using EC2 to parse and add the data. Almost immediately we have maxed out the row limits though. There’s very little data per row, just product links, date and time.

We want to be able to show usage over time for our clients for multiple items so we are curious how to efficiently design our table in order to do so.

We could add one row per day, but then I’m unsure how to populate each item with the date and time in which it was accessed?

This will eventually end up in a private page/link for the clients to view so ideally they can filter by date, product, category etc.

Any help is much appreciated,

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