Email applicant when their record has been updated?


I’ve created a Purchase Order form for my employees to request purchases. Is there a way that I can set Airtable to automatically email them once the record of their request has been updated to Approved / Declined / Paid?

Thank you!

Hi @PJ_Saysell-Rosales - you can do this by using Zapier:

Create a view on your purchase requests table and filter this where status = Approved (or whatever is appropriate). Then, as above, when a new record appears in this view (by virtue of its status), send an email from Zapier. You can get pretty creative with the Zapier emails - from plain text, right the way through to HTML layouts with graphics, fonts, styling etc. Zapier allows you to map fields in the Airtable record to the email title or body as required. Obviously, your AT record will need to contain the email address of the requester.

Hope this helps


I think this should work! How do I set Zapier to email the person who submitted the request?

There’s quite a few fields on the outbound email, but the key ones are shown below:

In the “To” field, set this to your requester email (which, as above needs to be in every request record - either directly or as a lookup). Click on the “+” icon on the RHS of the field and you will see a list of the fields in the base/table/view you have configured in the Airtable component