Email automation not working due to billing plan

Hi all,

I have email automation that I want to use that sends confirmation emails to clients.
I already set up a paid pro plan, but I am still within the trial period.

Now when I test the automation it says that my plan does not support this.
Does this only work on the enterprise plan?

Thank you!

As far as I remember, it will srart working once your trial is finished. For some reason although you are on PRO trial not all pro features are available u till you convert it to paid plan.
I guess mail to “external” mail adress feature is disabled to prevent people from creating free accounts and sending loads of spamm mail or it might be some torally different reason :slight_smile:

Thanks for you reply,

I can understand that reason, But I need it to be active now…
I’m ok with being credited for it now instead of after the trial.

You should contact airtable support to help you out about this.

@Airtable_Admin1 @Airtable_Administrat
Anyone that can helpt with this?

Hi @Development_De_Snels

You can also email directly to, they send out a “form” email, just reply back and say you need help.

Hope this helps.

Mary Kay

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