Email completed form to applicant

When creating a form you are given the options to have a “Submit another response” button, show a new blank form after 5 seconds, or receive an email that the form has been completed. It would be extremely helpful to have an option for a completed copy of the form to be emailed to the person who has filled out the form. Like the option that googleforms and survey monkey provide, the person filing out the form can submit the form and then have a copy of their answers emailed to them for their records. This would be helpful in our organizations as people are filing out applications and answering essay questions. It is helpful for them to have evidence/copies of what they submitted.



Has nobody responded to this? Let me add my two thumbs up for this request. Would be extremely useful.

Of course Airtable would have to know where to send the email. So there’d have to be a field named ‘Email’ in the form (or else there’d have to be an additional field at the end of the form, near the submit button). But that seems like a solvable problem.

If there’s a way to do this with Zapier, I’d love to hear it.


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+1 I think this should be a no-brainer. Every other form has this feature.

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This would be very straightforward to do in Zapier - as long as the user is required to enter an email.

Simply create a Zap triggered by a new record in the table and then use an email action to send the email with whatever information you need to send back to the person who input the record.

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@Julian_Kirkness, I tried to find a Zap that could do this. Please advise.

Hi Harald

This is how you would set this up:

First here’s a form we would use to capture the data (say a support request):

This results in a new record in the table:

Now we have a record, we can begin to set up the Zap (a free Zapier account will do for this) - set the trigger app to New Record (for Airtable):

Having done that (and tested it so the results are there for the next step) you can create a Zapier Action to send the email (I’m using the standard Zapier email option here but you could send via Office 365, Gmail etc):

If you test this step you should receive the email assuming you created a record with your own email address.

I hope this helps!

Our team was very surprised to find that this feature did not come standard. We would like to manage all of our web forms on one platform and having this feature will greatly affect our likelihood of continue using Airtable.


I need to set up an automatic email that is sent to people after they submitted my airtable form. I don’t want emails sent to anyone after I manually import records. Does anyone know how to help me with this?

I wonder if there is any progress by the Airtable team,
I still cannot believe there is no such function with Airtable as standard, while Google form has it…
Looking forward to hearing update…

All that is needed is another option at the bottom of the form to allow copies of it to be sent to XYZ email address/es, separated by commas.
I need the form emailed out immediately - don’t want to wait for Zapier to pick it up as being completed.