Email completed form to submitter

When creating a form you are given the options to have a “Submit another response” button, show a new blank form after 5 seconds, or receive an email that the form has been completed. It would be extremely helpful to have an option for a completed copy of the form to be emailed to the person who has filled out the form. Like the option that googleforms and survey monkey provide, the person filing out the form can submit the form and then have a copy of their answers emailed to them for their records. This would be helpful in our organizations as people are filing out applications and answering essay questions. It is helpful for them to have evidence/copies of what they submitted.


Are you making a product suggestion for the Airtable dev team, or asking for help in setting up such an email integration? If it’s the latter, you can use a tool like Zapier or Integromat to look for new records created by the form and optionally send an email to the submitter (assuming that they put their email address in the form, and checked a box asking for email confirmation). I’ve done this setup before, and it’s fairly straightforward. If you need guidance, just ask.

If you’re making a product suggestion, I can move this topic to the proper category.

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I would hope that the development team can add this as an option, every other service for form submission has the feature.
Has this been submitted to the team as a request?
I’m new here, not sure how that happens.

The OP never responded to my question, but based on your comments, it sounds like it’s becoming a request, so I’ll move it to the proper category.

The dev team does review this forum—and specifically the Product Suggestions category—for feature requests, but only they know where those requests fall on the full list.

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